Episode 17: Romantic Dates on a Budget {Podcast}

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It is February, the month that contains Valentine’s Day. With love in the air, we are dedicating each of our four episodes this month to areas of love and respect that are needed in marriage.

In this week’s program, Adam and Leah share some ideas of how husbands and wives can continue to “woo” one another, even when dollars are a bit short. We hope you enjoy this practical, whimsical program.

Click to view program archives

Click to view program archives

Areas of Discussion


1. Swap with other families

2. Let an older lady/couple babysit

3. Offer babysitting at church


1. Cook together

2. Have a picnic

3. Go out, but just for dessert


1. Walk/jog together

2. Stream a movie

3. Use the bargain bin or borrow a movie

4. Search for free community nights/activities


1. Put the cell phones away!


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Music Credit

Opening theme: “Josie Has the Upper Hand” by Josh Woodward

Closing theme: “Afterglow” by Josh Woodward





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