Episode 19: 5 Ways to Show Respect to Your Spouse {Podcast}

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In the month of February, we are focusing our podcasts on marital love. This week, Adam and Leah share five ways you can always show respect for your spouse. We hope you find this discussion encouraging and helpful for your marriage.

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The Five Ways

1. Listen Carefully

*Seek to understand.

*Listen if you are not that interested in the subject matter.

*Remember the importance of nonverbal cues, such as body language.

2. Always speak well of your spouse.

*Even if he/she is not present!

*Be honest if he/she has weaknesses, but choose respectful ways to discuss those.

3. Remember important dates.

*Birthdays, anniversaries, Valentine’s Day, etc.

*Could also be dates of loss (when a mother or father or child died)

*Putting these on your calendar shows a priority to the emotions of your spouse.

4. Never read or view any kind of pornography.

*Doing so shows a disrespect for your spouse in more than just sexual intimacy.

*It makes you think that someone is at least his/her equal, if not greater, than your spouse in an area of marriage that is clearly restricted to the oneness of the union.

5. Consider each other’s feelings and knowledge when making decisions.

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