Episode 2 : Connecting Kids with Family Heritage {Podcast}

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Welcome to the second episode of A Legacy of Faith, the podcast. In this week’s program, Leah and Adam discuss ways in which parents can help to connect kids with their family heritage, and why it is important to do so.

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Part One: Three Reasons It is Important to Connect Kids to Their Family Heritage

1. It builds a trust in the stability of the family unit.

2. It shows character traits from their own family that children can emulate.

3. It is a great way to teach “real” history (everyone loves a true story).

Part Two: Three Practical Ways to Get Started Connecting Your Kids

1. Talk about family history when the children are around.

2. Work on a family tree, but let the kids help investigate stories and lives.

3. Always include Biblical “victories” and high points when telling family history.

Call to Action

Do you have a story to tell, in which your child made a connection to family history? Share it in the comments!

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Music credit

Opening: “Josie Has the Upper Hand” by Josh Woodward

Closing: “Afterglow” by Josh Woodward

Next Episode (August 21): “Kids and Smartphones” with guest Chad Landman




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