Episode 29: An Ending and Looking to the Future {Podcast}

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Well, today is a big day on the podcast. On this week’s episode, we take a few minutes to give a big announcement about A Legacy of Faith.

First, this is the final episode of the podcast. We take just a couple of minutes to explain the behind-the-scenes reasons why we are bringing the program to an end.

But, then, we have some great news to share. On the program this week, we talk about what we are replacing the podcast with. You will still get content from A Legacy of Faith five days each week, and we are thrilled to let you know about that.

So, take just a few moments to listen to these announcements, then sign up for our email newsletter, so you never miss anything we sent out your way in the future!


Music Credit

Opening theme: “Josie Has the Upper Hand” by Josh Woodward

Closing theme: “Afterglow” by Josh Woodward




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