Episode 4 : 5 Common Homeschool Myths {Podcast}

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Welcome to episode 4 of A Legacy of Faith’s podcast. In this episode Adam and Leah talk about homeschooling, but from a little different angle. Instead of trying to win you over, we simply talk about 5 common homeschool myths and why they do not need to factor into your thinking if you are considering teaching your children through homeschool.

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The Myths

1. I Can’t Teach My Own Kids in a Formal Way

2. My Kids Would Hate Being Bottled Up in the House All Day

3. Homeschool Kids Don’t Learn Socialization Skills

4. I Don’t Have the Patience to Do This

5. Homeschooled Kids Don’t Test Well or Do Well in College


“Number of Homeschoolers in America?” (a2z Homes Cool)

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Opening theme: “Josie Has the Upper Hand” by Josh Woodward

Closing theme: “Afterglow” by Josh Woodward

Next Episode (September 18): Our Thoughts on “Smart Money, Smart Kids”




One Response to Episode 4 : 5 Common Homeschool Myths {Podcast}

  1. Adam Faughn says:

    I received the following note via email from Tara, and was given permission to publish it here as a comment in her behalf. –Adam

    I am new to the podcast family in general, therefore new to your podcast and blog. However, this one is my favorite by far :). Thank you for all that y’all have said so far. I do want to mention that y’all talked about snapchat and how it can be sent and the picture is out there for everyone to see whether they realize it or not. One aspect y’all didn’t mention is that screen shot option. On the iPhone, and most androids, the user can screenshot whatever they want to by pressing certain buttons. This means that whatever is on the screen at the moment is saved in the photos section on their phone. It is difficult but this can also be used for snapchat. I have done it with cute photos that have been sent to me and I know others have done it. So I just wanted to mention that as another point for Chad for his research, etc. I am about to listen to the homeschooling episode so I’m excited! Thank you again and I look forward to what God continues to do through each of y’all.