Episode 5 : Our Thoughts on “Smart Money, Smart Kids” {Podcast}

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Welcome to episode 5 of A Legacy of Faith’s podcast. In this program, Adam and Leah take a few minutes to review their impressions of Rachel Cruze and Dave Ramsey’s book Smart Money, Smart Kids. We also share how we are not perfect at following these principles, but how the overall message of this book can help you and your family.

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Our Takeaways

1. Children need to be taught the “opportunity cost” of money. Once they have spend money, they cannot spend it somewhere else.

2. Kids need to learn to work, and that money comes from doing a job well.

3. Help children continue with their natural tendency toward giving.

4. Breaking the cycle of student loans can break the entire cycle of debt in your family tree.

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Order Smart Money, Smart Kids from Amazon. ($14.73 hardcover / $9.99 Kindle)

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Opening theme: “Josie Has the Upper Hand” by Josh Woodward

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Next Episode (October 2, 2014): “Teaching Kids about Worship”




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