Episode 6 : 10 Simple Family Devotional Ideas You Can Do (guest: Joe Wells) {Podcast}

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Welcome to “A Legacy of Faith” the podcast. In this episode, Joe Wells joins Adam to talk about 10 simple family devotional ideas that you can do tonight! Too many families know they should have family worship, but just don’t know where to start. Joe and Adam each share five simple ideas that you can do, even tonight, so get started!

10 simple family devotional ideas you can do


The 10 Ideas

1. Use what your children bring home from Bible school to reinforce the lessons.

2. Read a favorite Bible story.

3. Use common games with a Bible twist (Scrabble, but only with Bible names/words).

4. Take a creation walk.

5. Use the time for a service project

6. Act out a favorite Bible story, focusing on the details of the story.

7. Sing as a family.

8. Memorize verses together.

9. Use a common object to teach a Biblical truth.

10. Pray together, letting the children help make the prayer list.


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