7 Reasons Why We’ll be in Worship on Christmas Day

It happens every few years. Christmas day falls on a Sunday.

Amazingly (and tragically) there are churches that cancel all services on that day or move services to a weeknight. Other congregations decide to only have one worship service or to move the time of services, but they are still meeting on the Lord’s Day to worship the Lord.

Still, a lot of families decide that “since it’s Christmas” they do not have to attend services on that day. After all, it’s a day for family and traditions and it only comes once each year. So, many people will stay at home while the church meets.

However, barring illness or some other unforeseen event, our little family will be in worship on Sunday, December 25. And here are 7 reasons why.

1. Worship is Commanded by the Almighty. Our Lord does not make worship something to be chosen by His followers. Hebrews 10:25 makes it clear that we are not to willfully forsake being together for worship. This is not a suggestion, and it does not have caveats for special holidays.

2. God is More Important than any Holiday. If I am going to say that “God is first in my life,” then there is no holiday that can take His place. There is no holiday that should be able to keep me away from worshiping my Lord.

3. Our Family Will be Together. I am amazed at how many people stay home from worship on Christmas so their family will be together. Our little family will still be together, just dressed up and in a church pew; not in pajamas in front of a fireplace.

4. Our Children Need to Learn Priorities. “Well, since it’s Christmas, we’ll stay home.” In the mind of children, that translates to, “What you want to do is more important than the commands of God.” He is first, and this is a glorious opportunity to teach that.

5. I Want to Encourage Every Christian Who Attends. How discouraging would it be to go to worship and see that a large percentage of your Christian family did not think enough of you to come and encourage you? We are uplifted and encouraged when we attend worship together, and I want to encourage those who make the effort.

6. We are to Obey Our Elders. Elders have no right to cancel Lord’s Day worship altogether, or to move it to another day of the week (that’s another article for another time). Many are making the decision to only have one service or to move the time to best accommodate family traditions. They are not making an ungodly decision, so I am commanded to obey them and to let them rule with joy (Hebrews 13:7; 13:17).

7. There’s Nowhere Else I Want My Family to Be Every Sunday! Whatever date is on the calendar, I want my little family loading in our car and going together to worship God. There are times when one or more of us has been sick and we have not gotten to worship together. I can’t stand it! Each and every Lord’s Day, I want my family to know the joy and the high privilege it is to join hands and hearts together as we worship.

Christmas is special. Each year, we enjoy all kinds of movies, snacks, get-togethers, and gifts. Having kids makes it even more special, as they get so excited for the holiday. The Grinch is not welcome at our house!

That said, no holiday–Christmas included–can ever top the joy and excitement that should fill our soul as we are allowed into the very presence of God to express our adoration and praise to Him. Every Lord’s Day, we should do that with all our enthusiasm…including December 25.

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AUTHOR: Adam Faughn




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