Episode 7 : Training Your Children for Worship {Podcast}

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Welcome to “A Legacy of Faith,” the podcast. In this episode, Leah and Adam try to encourage parents in ways they can help not just teach their children about worship, but train them to be active and joy-filled participants in worshiping God. They also introduce an exciting set of resources that will be released for free on the blog, starting next Wednesday.

training children for worship


1. Discuss worship often (and not just in the building)

2. Design ways to engage the minds of children. (To get all blog posts, including the Wednesday posts that will include free printables to help you, go here.)

3. Expect participation (which must start with the parents!)

4. “Review” after services


What is Holy” (audio sermon from Dan Jenkins)

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Opening theme: “Josie Has the Upper Hand” by Josh Woodward

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