A Christian’s Open Letter to Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump


To Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump,

We are down now to just a few days until all this campaigning is over. Let me say, first of all, congratulations. I honestly do not know how you hold up, physically or mentally, through these endless weeks of campaigning. It is impressive and shows your dedication to winning this election. But in just a few days, all that will be over. One of you will be our president-elect and will move to the next phase of this process, preparing to lead our nation, beginning in 2017.

I want you to know that I am a Christian. That frames everything I believe, say, and do. I believe the Bible is from God, and it is the only true path to wisdom, peace, and joy.

But this letter may not be going the direction you think it is. I am not going to write about any specific policy or moral issues that you will, no doubt, face, should you win the White House. If you know that I stand firm on the Word of God as my source of beliefs, then you know where I stand on issues of morality.

Instead, I want to say something else that Scripture demands of me, and I hope it gives you some encouragement should you win next Tuesday.

I am praying for you and will do so throughout your time in office. Just as I have prayed in the past for George Herbert Walker Bush, Bill Clinton, George W. Bush, and Barak Obama, so I will be praying for you.

The Bible teaches me that I am to pray for “all who are in authority” (1 Timothy 2:2). It does not give an “out” for me if I happen to disagree with something you do in office. Those to whom that command was originally given lived under the rule of Roman emperors, so I am sure they had much with which to disagree, both in matters of policy and morality. Yet still, they were commanded to pray for their leaders.

So, Secretary Clinton and Mr. Trump, that is my pledge to you. Whichever of you sits at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue beginning next year, I will pray for you. That does not mean I will always agree with you, but I will refuse to be disagreeable. Instead, I will take my concerns before the throne of God and seek to honor the office you hold.

Specifically, I will pray…

…that you will seek the wisdom of God on a regular and constant basis throughout your time in office. His book–the Bible–was, is, and always will be the only standard of right and wrong, and the source of wisdom upon which you can always lean.

…for your family. I cannot imagine the stress that being president of our nation must put on a family. Your spouse and your children need and deserve my prayers, and they will receive them.

…for your health and safety. Being president is an honored position, but it is exceptionally stressful and not everyone in the world looks out for your safety. We want you to lead us for the entirety of your elected time with a full capacity of health and goodwill. To that end, I will pray.

…for your faith in God. He is the Source of all authority. Trust Him. Your soul’s destiny beyond this life is worth more than anything else. Please never lose sight of that, even should you win this lofty office.

There can be no doubt that no American will agree with every action you take while you are in the White House. I will certainly disagree with you on some point of policy, some moral action, or something over the next four years.

But I refuse to be one who wears the name of Christ, then runs to social media to run you down. Instead, I will seek to always let my words be gracious, seasoned with salt (Colossians 4:6), whether spoken, written, or digitized. And I will take my disagreements, as well as my praise for when you do what I feel is best, to the throne of God, always asking Him to work out His ultimate will.

Mr. Trump and Secretary Clinton, you have my prayers. In victory or defeat, you have fought hard and have worked hours that most of us cannot imagine.

More than that, though, one of you will lead our nation based on the ballots cast in just a few days. As a citizen, a husband, a father–as a Christian–please know that many of us will be on our knees before God on your behalf. May you draw strength and Godly wisdom from that fact in your time in office.

Good luck next Tuesday, and may God bless whichever of you leads our nation. To both of you and your families, I bid you Godspeed.


A Christian

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AUTHOR: Adam Faughn

Photo credits to Gage Skidmore (Trump picture) and Marc Nozell (Clinton picture)




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