A Legacy of Faith at Polishing the Pulpit 2017

If you are a regular reader of our site, you know that we are gearing up for Polishing the Pulpit. In fact, on the day this article is being posted, PtP 2017 starts tonight! (Can you tell we get just a smidge excited?)

We love running into people we know and spending time with folks at PtP, but we are also blessed to have some members of the Legacy of Faith family asked to speak each year.

Below are listed where we will be speaking or leading singing during the week. We’d love to see you there! [Keep in mind that all classes taught by ladies are for ladies only.]

Friday, August 18

6:00PM: Jim Faughn: “Mature Marriage Issues: Caregiving in Marriage & Preparing for Life without a Long-Time Mate” (Meeting Room A)

Saturday, August 19

9:00AM: Donna Faughn: “The Beauty of Meekness” (Ballroom B)

9:00AM: Adam Faughn: “Ten Ways Your Bible School Program Could Become the Devil’s Workshop” (Ballroom C)

Sunday, August 20

9:30AM: Donna Faughn: “The Power of a Mother’s Faith” (Ballroom B)

Monday, August 21

2:30PM: Donna Faughn: “Transitions” (Ballroom B)

2:30PM: Adam Faughn: “Young Preachers Online–Don’ts” (Hotel Cades Cove; part of “7 Minutes of Wisdom for Youth Workers”)

Tuesday, August 22

10:30AM: Donna Faughn: “The Importance of Godly Elders’ Wives” (Ballroom B)

Wednesday, August 23

8:30AM: Adam Faughn: Early Morning Worship in Song (Ballroom A)

9:30AM: Adam Faughn: “Reading Lists for Teens and Children” (Hotel Deep Creek; part of a panel discussion for parents)

3:30PM: Adam Faughn: “So You Want to Have a Podcast…” (Hotel Cades Cove)

3:30PM: Donna Faughn: “Power Over Self” (Ballroom A)

3:30PM: Leah Faughn: “Cultivating a Gentle and Quiet Spirit” (Ballroom B; part of “7 Minutes of Wisdom for Women with Babies and Small Children”)

6:30PM: Adam Faughn: Congregational Singing (EH-A)

NOTE: For our regular readers, we will have a very limited number of posts during Polishing the Pulpit. We hope to post a new podcast next Friday, but we are certain we will be back to normal with articles on Monday, August 28.




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