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When Writing Your Resolutions

Not everyone makes resolutions on New Year’s Day, but many people do. I still enjoy making resolutions, because they provide me with a little stronger framework for the coming year.

If you write resolutions, let me share a few tips you may want to keep in mind.


1. Be Specific. As Christians, we like to make resolutions like “pray more.” That’s a good goal, but it is not a resolution. A resolution would be more specific. It might include how much time to devote to prayer each day, or to make a prayer journal to help focus your prayer time.

2. Pray. We are to “pray without ceasing” (1 Thessalonians 5:17). That should include our resolution-setting. In each goal, seek the will of God.

3. Set Dates. It is good to have some resolutions for the entire year, but others need to be more bound by time. Maybe one is to save up money for a car by the end of May. Another might be to write one chapter of a book per month. Writing some of your goals this way will  help you stay focused.

4. Think of your entire life. I would not write tons of resolutions, but try to think of each area of your life and something you can improve in it. Think of your spiritual life, your physical self, your marriage and family, your financial life, and other areas that might interest you.

5. As you have time, write out a plan of action. In other words, write more than just the resolution, especially for those that are “big.” Write a short plan that shows at least the first step to take. If you don’t, some of your biggest resolutions will never leave that sheet of paper.

6. Keep them visible. I sometimes share some of my resolutions, while keeping others (that are quite personal) just between myself and the Lord. However, I keep all my resolutions in Evernote, because that way they are always with me. Others like to write them out or print them out and put them in a visible place. If you just write them down and never look at them again, the odds of keeping them are very small.

7. Start…today. Is there one of your resolutions you can make a first step on, even today? Then make that first step. That little “win” will help you make another step tomorrow, and tomorrow, and….

QUESTION: What are some of your resolutions for 2013? Share in the comments!


Photo credit: Jen Orton on Creative Commons

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‘Tis the Season to…Slow Down!

‘Tis the Season to…Slow Down!

Yesterday, we drove back from Alabama. We had a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend. We did almost nothing for the few days (which was wonderful!), but we enjoyed some family time and lots of food.

As we drove back yesterday, we listened to some Christmas music. Then, last night, we put up the tree and several decorations.




Isn’t that the common theme of this time of year? There is so much to do that it seems like we never stop running. Most of it is fun, but the sheer volume of activities gets overwhelming.

May I remind us all to slow down just a bit?

I’m not saying that we need to avoid fun or that we need to cut out tons of things. My family enjoys lots of holiday traditions and they certainly keep us busy, but I’m suggesting something else.

Are we getting so busy with Christmas activities that we fail to remember God?

I feel the need to remind us all (myself included) that anything that gets in the way of God becomes an idol. It doesn’t have to be a bad thing that gets in the way of God. It could be something good. It could be something even as good as family that bumps God out of first priority.

So, can Christmas–and the flurry of activity that comes with it–become an idol? Of course it can, and if we are not careful and intentional, we will let it.

How can we avoid letting that happen? Here are 3 things to look at.

1. Check your daily spiritual routine. Has the bustle of the season caused you to skip your Bible reading or personal prayer time? If the answer is “yes,” there is no reason to even go any farther. You’re already seen that there is a problem!

2. Worship attendance. Is it really more important to get “that” item at “that” sale than to worship God? Is “that” party more important than praising the Creator?

3. Physical stamina. Are you truly exhausted? Are you finding yourself more readily feeling ill or just “blue?” It could be that you are simply too busy.

Those may sound simple, but we all know they are indicative of our overall spiritual health. Enjoy the season. Set aside time to go to parties, meals, parades, or just a drive around to see the lights. Have a blast with all the tradition.

But not to the detriment of what is most important: your relationship with the Father.

QUESTION: What else would you say needs to be “checked” to see if Christmas is becoming an idol in our lives?


Photo credit: Sarah G on Creative Commons

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40 Days of Gratitude

40 Days of Gratitude

There are 41 days left in 2012. Do you find that as hard to believe as I do? Just 41 more days will roll by before we have to start remembering to write “2013″ on our checks.

This week is my favorite holiday. Thanksgiving has been my favorite for a long time, and I have trouble conceiving of a time when it isn’t my favorite.

One thing we often say this time of year, however, is that we need to always have that mindset of gratitude in our hearts, seeing as how we are so blessed. That is not only Biblical (cf. Philippians 4:6), it is practical.

I don’t know who came up with the idea originally, but Zig Ziglar popularized it. The idea is that, if you will make a short list of just five things each day for which you are thankful, it will totally change your outlook on the day.

So, today, I’m issuing a challenge. Will you do that for the 40 days upcoming? From now until 2012 ends, will you take just a moment to list five things for which you are thankful on that day?

And will you share your list for today?

In the comments, please list today’s five things (or just a couple of them if you want). Reading the things you are thankful for will help all of us be more positive, but it might also spark some things we have not even thought of.

To get us started, here are my five for today.

1. Leah’s smile

2. God’s handiwork in nature

3. Adoption

4. The man Turner is becoming

5. Countless talents at Lebanon Road

QUESTION: What are your five for today?


Photo credit: The U.S. Army Flickr stream on Creative Commons

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The May 2012 Roundup : 10 Links, 2 Videos, 1 Youth Minister in a Hoodie

What a wonderful month May has been, and it isn’t quite over yet! Today, our kids finish their first year of homeschool, and they have done great. Of course, they have a wonderful teacher, but you already knew that!!!

This weekend, we are looking forward to having the Chorale from Freed-Hardeman University with us at Lebanon Road. They’ll be singing for us after lunch on Sunday as they conclude a summer tour. If you are in the Nashville area, come and worship with us and stay for lunch and what promises to be a great concert.

Okay, on to the links for May. Here are the first 5.

1. Need something to do this Summer to increase your faith? How about reading through the New Testament! You can do it in the 100 days from Memorial Day to Labor Day by following this schedule from Stone of Competence.

2. I can’t really introduce this post adequately, so just take a minute or two and read “Chosen by God” by Chuck Webster. All I can say is, “Amen.”

3. A couple of years ago, I read the book Simple Church. While I don’t agree with everything in that book, I do like the overall concept. Thom Rainer (one of the authors of that book), writes from time-to-time based upon that book, and I like this post, called “Simple Leadership.”

4. I don’t want to give away the point of this post, so I’ll just link to this straightforward, but good article by Jeff Jenkins called, “How Do You Treat This Book?

5. John Gaines shares an interesting take on how Christians should handle boycotting or not boycotting businesses. This article is short, but deserves a slow, thoughtful read. It’s called “How Do Christians ‘Target’ Their Purchasing Power?


Now, as we get to the half-way point, it’s time for our humorous video. This one nearly defies description, but I want to give a little background. The youth group at the Jefferson Avenue Church of Christ in Cookeville, Tennessee, completed 52 service projects in 52 weeks, leading up to Go! Camp. To celebrate, they put together this video that, well, is utterly hysterical. The young people in this are great!!! Two things to know: (1) at the 2:33 mark, there is a cameo by none other than John Nichols, who grew up at Lebanon Road [he’s actually the one in the “still” shot before you hit “play,” and (2) though there is a break near the end, stick with this to the very end. You’ll be glad you did!

Okay, enough said…enjoy this!


Back to the links

6. Do you get tired sometimes of fighting for the truth? My dad shares a great article to remind us to keep going. It’s called “Who Switched the Volume?

7. Andrew Phillips shares an odd news story, but them makes a very important application in his post “Sending the Wrong Message.”

8. We should desire to restore New Testament Christianity, but doing so is not always easy. Matthew Morine writes very well about this in his article “1st Century/21st Century Tension.”

9. I had to link to an article by Michael Hyatt this month, since I just bought his book. I love his take on leadership, and his blog is a “must read” every day for me. This post is tremendously thought-provoking. It’s called “Your Life is the Sum of Your Choices” (yes, it has over 580 comments!).

10. Finally, an older post from our blog. I am trying to link to some posts that are older, since our readership has grown in the last year or so. This one uses some quotations from the very first Millennial Harbinger to talk about “A ‘Lost Sign’ of Christianity.”


Well, that’s it, except for our monthly sign off. Since school is ending, it is Friday and I am truly in love! This month, we share a version by Alien Ant Farm, who’s best known for their cover of Michael Jackson’s “Smooth Criminal.” They show that they can cover music by The Cure, too, in this one. Enjoy, and we’ll see you in June!


The April 2012 Top 10 : Links Roundup

This month’s theme is simplicity.

So, it’s the end of April.

Wasn’t that a great introduction?

On to the links.

1. How about a two-fer to start? Daniel Gaines wrote a simple post on his blog, then had his wife, Tiffany, write a follow up. Daniel’s post is “Four Questions that Every Husband Should Ask His Wife Once in a While.” Tiffany’s follow up is “Four Questions that Every Wife Should Ask Her Husband.”

2. I love the Gospel. It really is good news! But, we need to answer the question that Neal Pollard asks: “Do They Know It’s Good News?

3. Walking around local stores, I see that it’s immodest clothing season again. Jeremy Pate writes a post that every teenage girl and every parent needs to read, re-read, and re-re-read…then heed! It’s called “I Have Nothing to Say about Modesty.”

4. Scott Bond’s “Gospel Glow” blog is really good. My favorite recent post is a simple list, but one that should lead to some personal reflection. It’s called “9 Things More Important than the Gospel.” [Additional note: I sure wish I had the creativity to come up with the picture headings for each post like Scott does. They are always really great!]

5. Seth Godin’s marketing blog must be taken with a grain of salt, but every so often he writes something that congregations need to think about. Such is the case with his post “Do you have a people strategy?

Now, for something funny. Enjoy a classic clip from Bill Cosby.


Now for the final five links.

6. I love social media, but I also see the many dangers that are found in it. My dad wrote a wonderful post recently that I hope you will think about. It’s called “Ponder before You Post.”

7. Daniel Howell recently did two posts on the issue of homosexuality. Both posts were terrific, but the first is the one that I think you will find most practical. It’s called “Ten Things I Wish the Church Knew about Homosexuality: A Response.”

8. A lot of Christians are asking the title question in Chris Gallagher’s post that we are linking to this month. He gives some sobering facts, then a Christian response to the question, “Can Our Country Survive?

9. More and more, I am convinced that a lack of knowledge of the Bible is the reason behind most of the problems we see both inside and outside the Church. Hugh Fulford shares some of his thoughts on the topic of “Biblical Illiteracy.”

10. Chuck Webster’s blog is simply amazing. It is a must-read for me each day, and I could fill this links roundup with nothing but links back to his posts. My favorite this month truly hit home. It is called “Have You Ever Been Persecuted?

That’s 10. We’re done.

Except for our usual song. Enjoy, well, a strange combo.


How was that for simplicity? See you in May.

The March 2012 10 : Links Roundup

The March 2012 10 : Links Roundup

March is coming to an end. That means that college hoops is about done for a few months. So, I’ll go into a sports cocoon for a few months while watching some baseball and the Olympics.

By the way, college football seems to be looking at a playoff. They might even have four teams in it. College basketball did that…in 1939. Good to see college football thinking about joining the Pre-World War 2 era. Can’t wait until we can say, “Welcome to the mid-1900′s” to that sport.

Anyway, on to the links for this month. We’ll start off with the first five, then give our usual mid-post comedic break. But, before that, just a quick picture. This has been a beautiful month, so I thought I’d share a picture of the tree in front of our house in full bloom. Enjoy, then on to the first five links.


1. Each time Chuck Webster writes a blog post, it is a blessing, but I really enjoyed his post “Was Jesus Effeminate?” It is eye-opening and will cause you to think.

2. I’ve enjoyed getting to read “The Christian Caller” blog. Each day, there is a short devotional that matches a Scripture, a hymn, a prayer, and a short devotional message. My favorite so far was “90-Percent Obedience.”

3. Each month, Larry Miles sends out an email with links (like this roundup) that he enjoys. He uses some different blogs than I do, so you might want to join the mailing list. Here is the link to the April edition of Words in Season.

4. I really like the Creation Faith Facts blog, but every so often a post on there really stands out. Such was this one to me, called “Dinosaur Death-Pose: Just Add Water.”

5. Earlier this month, Chris Gallagher ran a series on the cross of Christ. Each post was well done, but my favorite was this one: “The Stripes of the Servant.”


Time for a little levity. I am a huge fan of Tim Hawkins. Among my many favorites of his is the song “Things You Don’t Say to Your Wife.” Enjoy.


On to the final five links for the month.

6. Steven Hunter writes about Gospel Meetings. I love meetings, but he writes in a way that will cause us all to think about, if we are going to have them, we need to have a purpose behind them. Enjoy his post “What I Dislike about Gospel Meetings.”

7. One of my goals as a parent is to teach our children to show respect for those who are aged. Personally, I have a long way to go to be where I’d like to be in this area, but I’m working on it. So, Cindy Colley’s article “The Hoary Head” really hit home with me.

8. Competition can be good or bad. What it can lead some people to do is both amazing and appalling. Scott McCown writes a very good article about the spiritual aspect of competition called “No Competition.”

9. We are told to preach the Gospel, which is the good news. Neal Pollard asks a question, though: “Do They Know It’s Good News?

10. Finally, I haven’t done this in awhile, but I’m going to link to an older post on our own blog. This post deals with five reasons why a student of the Bible may not be learning what we think he/she should learn. Enjoy the classic post “Growing in Knowledge.”


Well, that’s it for March…

…except for our traditional song! How about an a capella version of “Friday, I’m In Love”? Well, alright! Enjoy.

The January 2012 10 : Links Roundup

What a month!

I’ve heard people talk about certain times going by faster than others before. I thought I knew what that felt like, and then January 2012 happened. Whew! Just let it be sufficient to say that this month has flown by.

But enough about me. Let’s get to the links for the month.

1.  Time to look in the mirror a bit. Chris Gallagher wrote a short, but powerful post that I hope you will take to heart. It’s called “6 Reasons Why I Do Not Attend Your Congregation.”

2. I love my dad for a lot of reasons. One reason I love him is for his perspective on things. I think that really comes out in his article “Page Seventy-Eight.”

3. One of the major moral issues facing our country today, of course, is homosexuality. Neal Pollard wrote an excellent post that I hope every Christian will read. It’s called “What is God’s View Toward Homosexuality in 2012?

4. I thought I would share another congregational culture article. This one is by my brother-in-law, Jeremiah Tatum. It’s called “Where Visitors Go to Die.”

5. Earlier this week, I wrote a response to the YouTube viral sensation about loving Jesus but hating religion. My dear friend, Daniel Gaines, wrote a much longer, but much more detailed response. It will take you a few minutes to work through, but you’ll be blessed for it. Here is his work.

TIME FOR A VIDEO BREAK. How about a contestant who should have just given up on this category on Jeopardy!


ENOUGH HUMOR (to quote a “Saved by the Bell” teacher). Back to the links

6. I thought this was a very thought-provoking devotional post. Jennifer Gerhardt writes, “Why I Don’t Want to be a Person Who Reads Her Bible.”

7. Here’s another good devotional post from Rick Kelly entitled “Is God Trying to Tell Me Something?

8. Ever struggled to teach someone because you were trying to figure out their spiritual maturity level? You’ll enjoy Jeff Jenkins’ article, “We’re Not Fourth Graders!

9. I love goal-setting, but I fail in too many goals. Michael Hyatt wrote a very helpful post that you need to read. It’s called “The Missing Ingredient in Most Goals.”

10. I recently taught a class on postmodernism. I wish this post had been up then, because it would have made a great conclusion to that class. It’s from Hugh Fulford, and it’s called “Can We Know Anything for Sure?

WRAP UP TIME … yes, it’s Friday, and I’m in love!

Who knew that this song had been on a Disney cartoon? Well, now you do!!!


The December 10 (2011 Edition) : Year-End MegaRemix!

It’s the end of 2011. Yes, I know…that’s hard to believe. As I said last Sunday, I was just getting used to writing “2011″ on my checks, and now I have to learn something new.

Well, for the final links roundup of the year, we’ve got tons of great stuff planned for you. Let’s call it a MegaRemix, except that I have no idea how to use cool club language, so that’s where the comparisons to a remix end. So, we’ll just divide this post into 6 parts of the mix. Enjoy!


I rarely post on the blog on Sundays, but you’ll want to check back on the blog late Sunday night. There will be three posts going up on Sunday evening. The first two are for all our readers, while the third is for those who live in the Middle Tennessee area.

Right now, that’s all I can share, but I hope you’ll check back in Sunday night for these three special posts.


Since this is our family blog, I wanted to share the video I made of our family Christmas. Grab a cup of cranberry-pomegranate juice (yummy!), a stale left-over gingerbread cookie, and enjoy!


Faughn Family Christmas 2011 from Adam Faughn on Vimeo.


Okay, so we’ve given you enough other stuff…let’s get to the links for this week.

1. Michael Galloway used the Urban Meyer saga to give us some very practical life lessons. Enjoy his post “A Cake Half Baked.”

2. Trey Morgan is at his blogging best when he writes practical family articles. Here is another one called, “Train Your Children…You Won’t Have Then Very Long.”

3. This article was sent to me, but I wanted to pass it along, not only for the content, but also because of where it was found. As my dad said, “You don’t expect something like this on the Huffington Post!” Here is a guest article called “How to Shrink Your Church.”

4. Neal Pollard gives a much needed reminder to those of us who preach in his great and bold article “I Don’t Want to be a Hired Worker.”

5. How about a little news? The Bound4Life Blog shares the story of a woman who was told by Planned Parenthood that they would not help her. Why? She would not abort her baby. Read more here.


Need a little break in the middle of the remix? How about an NFL referee who has a little trouble announcing a play with multiple flags (you’ll need to turn up your speakers for this one, but it’s worth it.)



Okay, back to the links

6. We start this half with a free ebook. It is a compilation of posts from the Covenant Eyes blog, and is very informative and helpful. It’s called “Your Brain on Porn,” and you can download it for free here.

7. Discomfort. Not a word we like (obviously). But, at times, we need something to cause us a little discomfort. Michael Hyatt shares some reasons “Why Discomfort is Good for You.”

8. I absolutely love this post from Paula Harrington. She shares with us some thoughts on how our view of God often changes over the course of our life. It is a simple, but needed, post. Enjoy the post called “My God.”

9. Tim Pyles shares some unique thoughts on the word “Christian” that I think you will enjoy. In fact, I’m hoping to make this a little “sermon starter” for sometime in 2012. Enjoy is post “Name of Inclusion.”

10. We will end with a New Year’s post. In fact, it is a poem written by our friend Cindy Colley. Enjoy her simple words in her “Prayer for a New Year.”


We hope you have had a great 2011, and are planning a good 2012. What better way to start off a new year than to be worshiping God with His people! I hope you will think of Him throughout the year and work to His glory in all you do.

Now, to end this year and start the next, we are not going to sing that sappy “Auld Lang Syne” song. No, indeed! It’s Friday, so enjoy another version of our links roundup theme, this time sung by one-hit wonder Nena (remember “99 Luftballoons”?), and have a wonderful and safe weekend.

November 10: Links Roundup

November 10: Links Roundup

Okay, so it’s not the last Friday of the month, but it’s close enough, so it’s time for the November links roundup.

And, since I know you are busy, we are going to cut out all the usual “conversation,” and just have 5 links, a fun video, the final 5 links, and then…well…you know how we end the roundup!

But first, a bonus link! Today, I had a post on that deals with the best investment you can ever make. I hope you’ll take the time to read the article here.

Now, enough self-promoting…let’s get to the roundup!

It's Roundup Time!!!

Here are links 1-5:

1. My brother-in-law used a song that (1) a great friend of mine wrote, and (2) I sang in college as the basis for a wonderful post on how to handle it when things just do not go our way. Enjoy his post, called “Rainy Days.”

2. A vote in the state of Mississippi didn’t make as much news as I thought it would, but Christians should still be interested in it. It dealt with whether a baby in the womb was a human. Sadly, the vote failed, even in that very conservative state. Albert Mohler wrote a very thought-provoking article that you need to take a few moments to consider. It’s poignantly called “We’re All Harry Blackmun Now.”

3. YouTube is one of the most visited sites on earth. It is staggering to consider the amount of material placed on that site each day. But how can we protect our kids on that behemoth of a site? Please take a few minutes to download and read this free material from Covenant Eyes.

4. Jesus said the Church would grow, and it has throughout the years. But how do we help an individual congregation to grow? Matthew Morine shares one great point in his brief post, “The One Thing for Church Growth.”

5. I really enjoy reading the Creation Faith Facts blog. While all the posts are about apologetics, every once in a while a post just jumps out at me. This one was one of those, and I had to share it. Enjoy “Troublesome Teeth.”

Mid-Post Break Time!!!

Even on a quick post, you need a little break. Enjoy this video by comedian Tim Clue, who shares a hilarious view of how some people deal–or don’t deal–with debt. If this weren’t so realistic for many folks, it would be even funnier!


Now, on to the final 5 links.

6. Hey, look! Michael Hite has a blog! The Ministry Geek rarely updates his site, but this update was really cool. He talked about, and linked to, a site that documents every accounted-for location mentioned in Scripture on Google Maps. What a great resource! Enjoy it here.

7. Here is a news commentary that you will want to let sink in a bit. opinion writer Lamar Vest asks the question: “Most Americans Own a Bible, So Why Aren’t They Reading It?” Interesting perspective.

8. Our world doesn’t want sin to be any big deal, but the Bible tells us that it is awful. Caleb Sampson writes a powerful article called “The Scars of Sin.”

9. Need some encouragement? If you are a Christian, your name is written in heaven! Tim Pyles reminds us of that in his uplifting post, “You’re On the List!

10. For the final post, I liked this productivity article from Michael Hyatt, because it helps with a very common problem. “How to Get Out of that Funk” will help you do just that!

Time for Our Traditional Ending!!!

Well, it may not be Friday, but we can’t break tradition! Enjoy a Swedish indie rock band named Billy the Vision and the Dancers playing “Friday, I’m in Love” (Yes, this song is global!).


Have a wonderful Thanksgiving, and we’ll join you on the blog next week, then we’ll be back at the end of December for our final links roundup of 2011.

The October 10 : Links Roundup

It’s the last Friday of the month. So, it’s time for the monthly links roundup.

This has been an eventful month. Brad Montague reminded us that it’s Socktober. I found Ryan Gallagher on Twitter. Every college in America was rumored to be changing conferences (is that “Freed-Hardeman to the SEC” rumor true?).

…and college basketball got back to practice (thank goodness…a sport that actually has a playoff. What a concept!).

We had lots of great things in our family and at Lebanon, but we also dealt with some difficulties. It’s been quite a month.

Oh, and my kids fell in love with a traditional Halloween song. More about that after the first five links.


So, on to the first five links for October.

1. Joey Sparks writes about how we may need to rethink a certain word we use often in our worship assemblies. This is a very practical article, and I have tried to take his advice. It’s called “6 Ways to Run Off Visi-er, Guests.”

2. A lot of folks wrote about the 100-year-old man who recently finished a marathon. Andy Brewer’s article, “He Started Running Anyway,” is a great one, and will provide you with good motivation.

3. I have to admit: I like church buildings. I like seeing differences in them, and how they are used. But the building is not the most important thing. Neal Pollard reminds us of that in his post, “Beware ‘Building-olotry’.”

4. My dad wrote a very touching and thought-provoking article that every Christian needs to read and really take to heart. It’s called “Suffering — Silently — Secretly.”

5. How do you handle it when your world is shaken? Daniel Howell tells us about how to have a stronghold in his article, simply titled, “Anchor.”


As I said, my kids are SO excited about Halloween, but they are really loving one traditional song. So, I thought I’d share it with you for a laugh here. Enjoy Sheb Wooley’s “Purple People Eater.”


But wait! Why is he blue in this video? Folks, the people eater isn’t purple. He says in the song that he eats purple people! So, the person who made this video made the creature blue. We don’t know what color the eater is! How’s that for trivia?!?!


Back to the links.

6. I like Facebook, but I have to admit that I don’t use it as much as I used to. Still, it is a site I visit quite often. However, as popular and powerful as Facebook is, it doesn’t do everything! The Covenant Eyes blog shares “5 Things You Can’t Do on Facebook.”

7. Demas is a man who is not mentioned in Scripture often, but who has been preached about very often. Jessica Markwood gives us some insights about this man in her article called “Demas.” By the way, I am very proud of this young lady. Jessica is one of our teenagers at Lebanon Road, and her blog is outstanding. If you don’t subscribe to it, you are missing a blessing each time she posts.

8. We’ve written about this before, but about 2 1/2 years ago, my family stopped having DirecTV. We do not have cable, satellite or local channels. What are we missing? Little, if anything! And, we are saving so much from it. ChristianPF shares an article that might interest you. “Eliminating Cable TV Saves More than We Think.”

9. I like simple posts to include in the roundup at times. Hugh Fulford writes great material, but sometimes he writes a very simple article that just shares a truth so well that I have to share it. Such is the case with his words in “Have You Read Your Bible Today?

10. My friend Dale Jenkins is asking for your help, but it’s in an area where we all need to ask for help. I like posts like this, because they show personality, but make me look at myself, too. Learn from “Practicing What I Preach…In Concrete.”


Well, it’s the end of the month. More than that, though, it’s FRIDAY!!!

You know what that means…

another version of “Friday, I’m in Love!” How about a Hawaiian version? And, considering Halloween in coming up, one of the guys also puts on a costume of sorts. This is great! Hope you enjoy it, and hope to see you back on the blog really soon.