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Acts by the Numbers : Acts Chapters 6 and 7

As I was preparing my handout for Acts 7, I realized that I never uploaded the handout for chapter 6. So, here are both. We hope you are finding these helpful. Give us some feedback on ways you are using them in your home or personal study.

Acts by the Numbers Chapter 6 by

Acts by the Numbers Chapter 7 by

“This Week at Lebanon Road” — Get Ready to Laugh!

JD and I continue to record our weekly “news and devotional” videos, and are having a blast doing so.

I wanted to share this week’s video because we consider a subject that isn’t often discussed: a Biblical view of laughter.



Acts by the Numbers: Chapter 5

Here is our latest handout to help you and your family learn the basics of Acts 5. We hope you are enjoying these, and we pray they are helping you walk through this great book!

Acts by the Numbers Chapter 5 by

Acts by the Numbers: chapter 4

Continuing our study of Acts, here is our handout for chapter 4 to help you and  your family learn the basics of this chapter.


Acts by the Numbers (chapter 4) by

“This Week at Lebanon Road” [Video]

For some time, we have wanted to use the Lebanon Road website–which is great!–in new ways. Today, JD Buckner and I recorded the first weekly video called “This Week at Lebanon Road.”

We will not publish all of these on our blog, but we wanted you to know about it, so we are going to put this one here. If you would like to follow these videos, you can go back to the Lebanon Road site each week, or subscribe the YouTube channel.


Acts by the Numbers: Chapter 3

Continuing our “Acts by the Numbers” posts, here is the sheet for chapter 3. It is saved as a jpg file, as we are trying something different. We hope these are helping you and your family!

Acts By the Numbers chapter 3

Evangelism, Kaio, and Tumblr

Every few weeks, we post several updates in one post. We hope you’ll take a look at each one of these, as we find them to be very exciting!

Evangelism for Today

First, we want you to know about “Evangelism for Today,” which will be held at Lebanon Road on Saturday, January 26 and Sunday, January 27. This is a free seminar that we have been planning for quite a long time. Our subtitle is “Tips and Techniques for the 21st Century.” We have assembled a great line-up of speakers and we are expecting a great turnout.

In the January Gospel Advocate, we ran a half-page ad, and we are also putting this on our bulletin and PowerPoint. Here it is, with the list of speakers as well as the times. For more information, feel free to call our church office: 615-883-6918.

Evangelism for Today advertizement

Also, if you are planning on coming, we have created a Facebook event page, and would love it if you would join. Here is the link to that event page.

Kaio Board

Many of you are familiar with Kaio, a Christian magazine for teenagers. Joe Wells is the editor and does a great job with this publication. Recently, Joe contacted me and asked me to serve as one of the board members for Kaio. I readily accepted.

What I am most excited about is that Kaio has now changed names and formats, and we think it will help a lot of young people. The magazine is now iLuminate, and will be available on tablets and for downloading to other devices (iPads, etc.). It will be very well done, as you can see by this advertisement.

iluminate ad1

Please pray for this good work, and for Joe and all the board members. It is an honor to serve with each of them. To learn more about Kaio, visit the Facebook page here.

Resources from Tumblr

Finally, a blog update. For some time, we have posted random “mini-posts” with quotes or links. We might not post any for several weeks, then post a couple on back-to-back days. I like putting this information out there, but I did not like the randomness of it, nor the way it made our blog look a little cluttered.

So, recently, we completely removed the “mini post” category from our blog.

However, we are going to continue putting out these quotes or links from time to time, so we created a Tumblr for it. It is simply called “Resources from Adam Faughn.” We will not be promoting it through Facebook, but will probably send out a tweet on Twitter when we put something there. You can go to the site and subscribe via rss if you would like to get these short updates. Here is the link to the resources site.

Okay, now it’s your turn!

That’s right. If you made it all the way through this announcement post, we want to hear from you. In the comments, share your announcements. What events are you going to? What’s new in your world? What site or blog do you want to promote?

Let’s get great encouragement in the comments for many good works.


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Acts By the Numbers: Acts 2

Here is the devotional sheet for Acts 2. Hope it helps your family as you study this great book!


Acts by the Numbers Chapter 2 by Adam Faughn

2013: Outward and Upward

On Friday, I posted a video to let you know how we were kicking off the year at Lebanon Road. Last night, after our evening services, we stayed to watch a short video that was made to reinforce the theme, which is “Outward and Upward.” This video will be on our church website, but I wanted to pass it along to you today.

A huge thank you to Shane Williams for taking the time to make this video for us. He did a great, great job, and I think it will help keep us motivated throughout the year. Enjoy!


QUESTION: Did your congregation do a theme for 2013? If so, what is it?


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Acts By the Numbers: Chapter 1

On Sunday nights this year, we are walking through the book of Acts. To help reinforce the book, especially to our children, we are utilizing an “Acts by the Numbers” sheet.

Each of these brief review pages has (1) Summary Statement, (2) Memory Verses, (3) Review Questions, and a (4)-minute activity.

Feel free to use these sheets from our site or to print them out for your own use. Enjoy!

Acts by the Numbers Chapter 1