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Introducing “Page Turners”

This Thursday, we will begin a new series of video posts on the blog. We are calling this series “Page Turners,” and we are really excited about it!

Here is a 2 minute video to help you learn more and to see why we are so excited!


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Acts by the Numbers: Chapter 5

Here is our latest handout to help you and your family learn the basics of Acts 5. We hope you are enjoying these, and we pray they are helping you walk through this great book!

Acts by the Numbers Chapter 5 by

Acts by the Numbers: chapter 4

Continuing our study of Acts, here is our handout for chapter 4 to help you and  your family learn the basics of this chapter.


Acts by the Numbers (chapter 4) by

Acts by the Numbers: Chapter 3

Continuing our “Acts by the Numbers” posts, here is the sheet for chapter 3. It is saved as a jpg file, as we are trying something different. We hope these are helping you and your family!

Acts By the Numbers chapter 3

Acts By the Numbers: Acts 2

Here is the devotional sheet for Acts 2. Hope it helps your family as you study this great book!


Acts by the Numbers Chapter 2 by Adam Faughn

Mini-Post: “Talk it to Death?” by G.C. Brewer

Men have to be constantly reminded of their duty even after they have learned it, or they forget. We sometimes feel backward about teaching a certain thing because we think it has been “preached to death,” but none of God’s laws will ever grow old or cease to be enforced as long as God has subjects on the earth. They cannot be talked of too much. Men may advance theories about God’s laws that will wear out and that need revising, restating and amending. But the Word of God lives forever.

G.C. Brewer

Gospel Advocate, reprinted in December 2012

2013: Outward and Upward

On Friday, I posted a video to let you know how we were kicking off the year at Lebanon Road. Last night, after our evening services, we stayed to watch a short video that was made to reinforce the theme, which is “Outward and Upward.” This video will be on our church website, but I wanted to pass it along to you today.

A huge thank you to Shane Williams for taking the time to make this video for us. He did a great, great job, and I think it will help keep us motivated throughout the year. Enjoy!


QUESTION: Did your congregation do a theme for 2013? If so, what is it?


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Acts By the Numbers: Chapter 1

On Sunday nights this year, we are walking through the book of Acts. To help reinforce the book, especially to our children, we are utilizing an “Acts by the Numbers” sheet.

Each of these brief review pages has (1) Summary Statement, (2) Memory Verses, (3) Review Questions, and a (4)-minute activity.

Feel free to use these sheets from our site or to print them out for your own use. Enjoy!

Acts by the Numbers Chapter 1

Updates Abound

Every once in a while, we just have to pass along several news items at once. I’ll try to keep these brief, but I hope you’ll stick around and enjoy them all. If nothing else, we’ve alliterated the post!

Lots of News Today!

Lots of News Today!


First, we know how to start off a year at Lebanon Road! Since this coming Sunday is the first Lord’s Day of 2013, we have all sorts of interesting things planned. Watch this short video to see what all we will be doing.

So, if you are interested, make sure you visit our church website here, and then be with us for our first Lord’s Day of 2013.


Next, we recently added a new book to our 24:15 Publications library. That brings us to four volumes that are now available for you to enjoy. This newest is called Understanding the Love Chapter, and it is a study of 1 Corinthians 13. The book is available for $5.50 in paperback here, or for $4.50 on Kindle here. To check out all the books, follow this link.


Our blog continues to grow, and we are ever so thankful. Here are 3 quick things to help you see the changes.

1. “Share and Enjoy” bar under posts. Under every post, we now have a series of sharing options for you to use. Most of these are social media (Facebook, Twitter, etc.), but there is one that I am very excited about. It is Evernote! If you want to save a post to your Evernote account, just click that button and it will be put in your account for free. Just scroll to the bottom of the post and see what we’ve added.

2. Cleaner social counter. While it is not completely up and running yet, we have added a much cleaner-looking counter to share our counter numbers. Currently, Facebook and Twitter are working, and the developer is working to get the rss counter working. We think this will make our sidebar much cleaner looking.

3. “Support the Site” tab. We have added a tab at the top of our blog that shows you ways you can help us by supporting the blog. Some are affiliate links of products we use, while others are simpler ways of showing your support. If you like what we do here, take just a moment and click here to see the page and see how you can support our work through the site for as little as $4.

So, there you have it. Several updates that we hope catch you up to some of what we are doing here.

Thank you so much for continually coming back to our blog. We truly appreciate it. If you have not told someone about our site, would you take just a moment and do that today?

Enjoy your weekend, and be sure to worship God on His day.


Photo credit: Jon S from Creative Commons

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When Writing Your Resolutions

Not everyone makes resolutions on New Year’s Day, but many people do. I still enjoy making resolutions, because they provide me with a little stronger framework for the coming year.

If you write resolutions, let me share a few tips you may want to keep in mind.


1. Be Specific. As Christians, we like to make resolutions like “pray more.” That’s a good goal, but it is not a resolution. A resolution would be more specific. It might include how much time to devote to prayer each day, or to make a prayer journal to help focus your prayer time.

2. Pray. We are to “pray without ceasing” (1 Thessalonians 5:17). That should include our resolution-setting. In each goal, seek the will of God.

3. Set Dates. It is good to have some resolutions for the entire year, but others need to be more bound by time. Maybe one is to save up money for a car by the end of May. Another might be to write one chapter of a book per month. Writing some of your goals this way will  help you stay focused.

4. Think of your entire life. I would not write tons of resolutions, but try to think of each area of your life and something you can improve in it. Think of your spiritual life, your physical self, your marriage and family, your financial life, and other areas that might interest you.

5. As you have time, write out a plan of action. In other words, write more than just the resolution, especially for those that are “big.” Write a short plan that shows at least the first step to take. If you don’t, some of your biggest resolutions will never leave that sheet of paper.

6. Keep them visible. I sometimes share some of my resolutions, while keeping others (that are quite personal) just between myself and the Lord. However, I keep all my resolutions in Evernote, because that way they are always with me. Others like to write them out or print them out and put them in a visible place. If you just write them down and never look at them again, the odds of keeping them are very small.

7. Start…today. Is there one of your resolutions you can make a first step on, even today? Then make that first step. That little “win” will help you make another step tomorrow, and tomorrow, and….

QUESTION: What are some of your resolutions for 2013? Share in the comments!


Photo credit: Jen Orton on Creative Commons

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