Sermon Outlines

As a preacher of the Gospel, I know that sometimes “getting up a sermon” can be challenging. So, on this page, we offer–free of charge–short outlines to stimulate your thinking. These are not “print and preach,” and will require a bit more study, but most have enough information to get you well down the road in your preparation.

On the outlines, I have tried to give credit where it is due, whether it is for an illustration, quotation, or for the basics of the outline itself. Any mistake in giving credit is strictly my fault and is not intentional.

Feel free to use these outlines as you see fit, so long as it is always to the glory of God!

NOTE: All links open pdf documents with the outlines.

A Brother to King Jesus

A Closer Look at John 19 1

A Strong Church is Pure as a Bride

As We Stand and Sing

Can Anything Good Come Out Of…

Children in Our Holy Family

Cling to the Sword


Don’t Be Grouchy Like a Rooster

From Impossible to Fulfilled

From Scarlet to Snow

Here Am I Send Me

How Do You Spell “Leadership?”

Motherly Advice Fit for a King

Moving Closer to God

Our Common Guidebook

Preach the Word

The Burial of Jesus

What I Get Out of Worship

What Makes Giving a Grace

While You Wait

Why Should I Care

Yes That’s the Book for Me