Friday Links Roundup: Snow, Buzz and Corinthians Edition

I’m typing the links roundup from home this week. As I look out my window, a little snow has started to fall, but we are expecting quite a bit more later in the day. That’s not the reason I’m at home, though. Leah has an appointment this morning, so I’m watching the kids. While I’m excited about it, there could be some interesting challenges.

You see, we are also going to record iPreach this morning. Along with guests Billy Smith, Marlin Connelly, and Clarence DeLoach, Dale and I will be previewing the Freed-Hardeman University Bible lectures. So, while we discuss the lectures and their theme books of First and Second Corinthians, the kids will be watching a movie (most likely, “Toy Story”). Yes, we might have a Buzz Lightyear in 1 Corinthians mention.

We are expecting between 3 and 8 inches of snow (quite a range!), and I say, “Yippie!” I love snow, and I’m glad we are looking to get a pretty  nice snow.

On to the links for this week:

1. Though we have different careers, Justin Burleson and I live about 3 miles apart. He writes beautifully about the stress we feel in this world, but how we can still have peace with God. Enjoy his first post in the roundup here.

2. After our list on Wednesday (check it out here) about families, I just had to link to this great article by Chris Gallagher. Enjoy “How to Have Dinner with Your Family.”

3. Tim Tebow (Amber, you can skip this one since you “can’t stand him!”) is taking an amazing amount of negative criticism over his decision to “star” in an anti-abortion TV ad during the Super Bowl. Neal Pollard gives a great reaction to the criticism in his article “Tebow’s Finest Accomplishment.”

4. Trey Morgan gives a good illustration and a wonderful challenge in his article “Jesus Flavored or 100% Jesus?”

5. Can a person, or even a congregation, fall away? Wayne Jackson gives a great article on the subject of “Apostasy: A Clear and Ever Present Danger.” This would make a great sermon outline (so, folks from Lebanon Road might hear this one in the future!).

6. Heather Fortenberry writes a brief, but deeply powerful article about what it really means to be a Christian. Enjoy “Leveling Out.”

We hope you have a wonderful weekend. If you get some snow, let it remind you that God can make your sins as white as snow!

Whatever you have planned for the weekend, make sure worshiping God on His day is your top priority.




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  1. Wayne Gordon says:

    Regarding #3 and Tim Tebow; any who want to share their thoughts may do so by clicking either of the links below. The first is for a Facebook poll and the second is for ‘American Family Association’. They have an online form where you can send a letter to CBS urging them to air the ad. Don’t know if the hyperlink works in this forum–if not, copy and paste into your browser (both lines). Thanks, Wayne

    For the Facebook poll:

    For the American Family Association:

  2. Trey Morgan says:

    Thanks for the plug, my friend. 🙂

  3. Amber says:

    Thanks a heap, baby brother. Now I look like a creep when Tim, my buddy, Tebow is doing something good. 🙂 But he still can’t walk on water, no matter what the football commentators say.