Friday’s Family-Friendly Finds {June 13, 2014 edition}

Wow. Just wow.

Yesterday, we restarted the blog, but did so by introducing you to a full-family project called “A Legacy of Faith.” The response has been overwhelming, and we are humbled by the amount of traffic and social media exposure you helped us generate.

As we said yesterday, you’ll start noticing the main difference next week, as you will get posts from Jim Faughn, Jeremiah Tatum, and myself (and maybe someone else, too) during the week. But for now, let us just offer a big “thank you” for helping to make our first day a wonderful day.

With that said, on to this week’s family links.

Family Friendly Finds


This Week’s Finds

Because our site was down for a couple of weeks, we are giving you a few extra links here, and not doing our usual week in review. Enjoy these great family links for your weekend reading.

The Problem with Not Having Any Losers {We are THAT Family}

5 Myths and Truths about Kids’ Internet Safety {On Common Sense Media}

Why You Should Love Your Spouse Even Though You Don’t Feel Like It {for the family}

7 Signs Kids’ Sports Have Taken Over Your Life (and Your Budget) {Dave Ramsey}

How to Make a Personalized Coupon Book with Your Kids {My Kids’ Adventures}

Unforgettable, Simple Summer {for the family}

Five Reasons God’s Law of Marriage, Divorce, and Remarriage Applies to All {Preacher Pollard’s Blog}

Aging with Grace {Neil’s Daily Devotional Nuggets}

Identify the Cues of Anger {National Center for Biblical Parenting}

Our Week in Review

Since our site was shut down for the last two weeks, we will not do our regular “top 5 posts of the week.” We will resume that part of our Friday posts next week.

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Thank you for making this “launch” such a joy. We had a couple of snafus, but it has been a great thing to see A Legacy of Faith get off the ground. We look forward to what the future holds.





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