Seven Good Things Week : The Prodigal Slave by Bradley Cobb

Welcome to “Seven Good Things Week,” where we are encouraging you with some works you will want to check out. Today we share a short book and eBook that are worth your time to check out.

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Bradley Cobb preaches in McCloud, Oklahoma, and asked me a few months ago if I would be willing to take a look at the eBook version of his commentary on Philemon, The Prodigal Slave. I have long been intrigued by this very short book of the Bible, so I was thrilled to get a copy. Having read it, I think you will want to check it out, as well.

Cobb offers this book is both paperback and eBook formats. You may wish to have the paperback, but this is one of the few times where I actually recommend the eBook version. The reason is simple: Philemon is such a short book in Scripture that the commentary is equally short, covering just 90 pages. It is easy to find the section you wish to study and read Cobb’s thoughts on that verse or passage.

Do not let the brevity of this book fool you, however. Utilizing the King James Version, The Prodigal Slave simply walks the reader through the background, then the text of this short but powerful book in Scripture. After the commentary section, there are some topical discussions of difficulties in the book, and the book ends with a few sermon outlines for preachers to consider. While short, this book will help you in your understanding of Philemon and give you much to think about.

Cobb is fair with the text and the writing style is very easy to follow for any Christian wanting to know more about Philemon. While it is obvious that the author has done his homework, the reader can easily read through this book with great understanding.

Besides the fact the book is helpful, it is also very inexpensive. You will be able to get a copy on your Kindle for just $2.99! If you prefer to order the paperback version, it is listed for just $8.99 on Amazon.

I am grateful to Cobb for writing this book, and I’m thankful he let me have a copy so I could not only learn from it, but share this Good Thing with you!

Tomorrow, we will share a wonderful resource for every teenager where you worship!




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