Welcome to “A Legacy of Faith”

After time in prayer, planning, and work, we are thrilled to unveil a dream come true today. Welcome to “A Legacy of Faith.”

A Legacy of Faith has as its design bringing together the entire “Faughn/Tatum crew” to help you and your family do more than just survive today. We want to help you look forward to the future and prepare for eternity.

While we have several things planned for the future, this blog will be the main hub for the foreseeable future. Here’s the great part, though: this site will no longer contain my writing only. We are bringing together our entire family to share helpful content with you on a regular basis.

Beginning next week, you can expect to see regular articles by Jim Faughn, Jeremiah Tatum, and myself. In addition to bringing together our three blogs under one roof, we are thrilled that Donna Faughn, Amber Tatum, and Leah Faughn also plan to contribute from time-to-time. You will still receive our Friday Family Friendly Finds each week, as well as an occasional guest post.

To facilitate this, we have built an entire new website that you will want to check out. At ALegacyOfFaith.us we will have more “stagnant” information, so people can find out the basics about us. On the website, you can find our bio information, speaking schedules, what others are saying about A Legacy of Faith, and a lot more. We hope you’ll check out the new site.

While that website may have more stagnant information, there is nothing “stagnant” about what we are wanting to do. With our family coming together to work on this project, you can expect great content from the blog five times weekly, nearly every week. So the focus will still be on the blog, and sharing Biblical and encouraging content for you and your family. But there is more to look forward to.

Here are some highlights

1. A Legacy of Faith: The Podcast


That’s right: starting in August, A Legacy of Faith will begin releasing a podcast. Adam and Leah will cohost, but the program will feature regular interviews, as well. We are thrilled to start this part of the site, and look forward to releasing episodes twice each month, beginning August 7.

And, by the way, we have already mapped out the first 10 episodes! You can learn more, and see the titles of episodes 1-10 by going here.

2. A stronger Facebook presence

Facebook has been the main driver of traffic to the Faughn Family blog for a number of years. With the coming together of so many in our family, we plan to have a very strong presence on Facebook and interact there quite often. We hope to share not only links to our new content, but also quotes, questions, and freebies on our brand new Facebook page. Join by clicking on the box below or following this link. Then, share with a friend.

3. Emphasis on email


We are pleased to have over 370 people who subscribe to our site via email. We really want to grow that number. The reason is not because we want to use email to sell you a bunch of stuff. It is because we want you to have this great content delivered to your inbox each time we produce it. We will not flood you with a ton of extra emails asking you to sign up for something or purchase something. Instead, we will just deliver the articles and podcasts to you for free, and give you content that we pray will help you and that you can deliver to others.

We would love to go over 400 subscribers by the end of June. If you would like to sign up for these free updates, here’s the link.

4. Ideas for future freebies and products

We also have lots of ideas we hope will come to fruition in time to come. From free printables to books and eBooks to webinars, we are constantly coming up with ideas to put under A Legacy of Faith’s roof. All of this is designed to help us help you and your family.


For several weeks, as we have been working on A Legacy of Faith, I have been filled with excitement. Several nights, I struggled to fall asleep out of sheer excitement about what this new site could mean to so many people. From dad, mom, Jeremiah, Amber, Leah, myself, and our kids, we pray this effort is a great encouragement to you.

And, if I may ask, would you please share today’s post with someone and ask them to sign up for our email list and/or join the Facebook page, too? We would appreciate you helping us get the word about this new endeavor and we look forward to sharing great content with you for a long time to come.

Welcome to “A Legacy of Faith!”




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