Legacy Recipe: Mom’s Cheese Soup [Free Printable]

My mother and my mother-in-law were both excellent cooks. Since both of them have passed from this life, you can imagine how much I treasure the recipes I have from each of their kitchens. Some of them are written in their own handwriting and some are in old cookbooks compiled by groups of which they were a part. 

I thought it might be fun (especially for the ladies and the men who like to cook who read Legacy) to share some of those recipes with you. Most of them are very easy and full of comfort. Since I’m on a different eating plan than I used to be, I don’t always fix the recipes I’ll share with you, but I will treasure the memories they bring to my mind.

I hope you enjoy this new segment of Legacy of Faith.

Mom’s Cheese Soup

3 cups diced potatoes

1 cup water

½ cup carrot slices

½ cup celery slices

1 chopped onion

¼ cup parsley flakes

1 chicken bouillon cube

Salt and Pepper to taste

Cook until vegetables are tender

Gradually add 2 Tbsp. flour to 1 and ½ cups milk and stir until smooth

Add to vegetables and cook until thickened.

Add ½ pound Velveeta cheese (more or less if you want)

Add 1 cup chopped ham if desired.

(May use 2 cups milk and no ham if desired – but Mom always added the ham)

This was always one of our favorites on cold wintry days, and hers was always better than mine!

I hope you enjoy Mom’s Cheese Soup.

Click on the image below and you can print out a free recipe card for mom’s cheese soup!




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