Episode 49: Introducing A New Friday Schedule on A Legacy of Faith [Podcast]

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Fridays are getting a facelift on our site! For some time, we have been trying to figure out a way to continue our podcast, but also deliver higher-quality content while not overwhelming ourselves in the process.

On this week’s podcast, Adam shares how Fridays are getting a new schedule. The podcast is not going away, but will be released less often. More details below.


Now on Fridays, you will receive one of four “P’s”:

  1. A Podcast,
  2. A Periscope video,
  3. A Picture, or
  4. A Post (usually a guest post)

We know that some of you love our podcast, and for you we are thankful. That’s why we are not taking it away completely. Adam enjoys doing it, but just cannot do it weekly and keep it high-quality. We hope you enjoy this new variety on Fridays. Mondays through Thursdays will continue to include a blog post each day, while Fridays will become a bit of a potpourri. We hope you understand and enjoy!

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