Episode 55: 20 Things I Want My Children to Know, Part 1 [Podcast]

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What do you want your children to know? I mean, what do you most want them to know, especially before they are grown and gone?

In this episode of the podcast, Adam begins a four-part series of the 20 things he has on his list for his children. This list is meant to help spur your thinking, as you seek to instill certain principles in their lives. We hope you enjoy this program, and will tune in next week for part 2 of the list.


The Five Things Discussed on This Week’s Program Are…

  1. I want my children to know God (and not just about God).
  2. I want them to know that I love their mother more than anyone else in this world, even them!
  3. I want them to know a servant’s heart.
  4. I want them to know the beauty of a Christian marriage.
  5. I want them to know that the Great Commission is for all Christians.

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