Episode 70: One Spiritual Improvement You Can Make in 2017 [Podcast]

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2017 is upon us. Many of us will set various resolutions, but are we thinking about our spiritual growth as we make those resolutions?

On this very special episode of the podcast, the entire A Legacy of Faith family (Jim & Donna Faughn, Adam & Leah Faughn, and Jeremiah & Amber Tatum) sit around the microphone. Each of them shares one spiritual improvement they are hoping to make in 2017, and that we pray encourages you to think about your spiritual growth in the coming year, too.

Each suggestion is listed below.

The Improvements

Amber Tatum: Be more engaged in what I do, not just do things “because I have to.”

Donna Faughn: To be more supportive of Jim’s role as an elder, and to be more hospitable.

Jeremiah Tatum: As a preacher, to spend more devoted time in study for sermon preparation.

Jim Faughn: To show that, now that I am retired from preaching, as an elder I need to shepherd, and as a Christian who is growing older, I still have a great deal to offer the local congregation.

Leah Faughn: To make certain that, though I am a busy mom, daily Bible study is a top priority.

Adam Faughn: I want to show the children at church that I love them and they are valuable.

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