How to Keep Up with Us at Polishing the Pulpit

Friday, Lord willing, we will be heading to Sevierville, Tennessee, for the annual week called Polishing the Pulpit. This is easily one of our favorite weeks of the year, as we learn so much from great Bible teachers and get to interact with nearly 3000 other brothers and sisters in Christ from all over the place. It is a great time to grow spiritually and to connect (or reconnect) with great Christian brethren.

We'd Love to See You This Week at PtP!

We’d Love to See You This Week at PtP!

This will be the last “official” post on our blog until after PtP (more about that in a second), but there are still a few ways to connect with us during the week, and we hope you’ll take advantage of them.

1. Twitter. I am not planning on tweeting as much during PtP as I have done in past years, but I usually send out several good quotes, reflections, or even funny stories. Join over 880 Twitter followers here.

2. Instagram. I rarely use Instagram, but I am thinking of taking a few more pictures this year (thus, the “not tweeting so much” thing) and posting a few of them on that feed. Follow me here.

3. This blog. I am not sure if this will happen or not, but I may try to post a few quick updates as time allows that are too long for Twitter. There will not be many (if any), but I’d like to do 3 or 4 during the week, so keep checking back.

Before leaving this last post before PtP, let me share three good things with you.

FIRST, our August email newsletter comes out tomorrow, and we think you’ll love it! Leah has an article in it, and I provide a couple of news ‘n’ notes items. Remember, if you sign up for our monthly newsletter, you get a free eBook, too! Join about 240 who are set to receive that newsletter here.

SECOND, my friend Robert Hatfield is going to “live blog” Polishing the Pulpit! Robert not only loves PtP, he is closely involved with the program. If you can’t attend the program, I think you’ll like his insights “from the back of ballroom C.” Of course, there are no posts on the live blog yet, but bookmark this page, or add it to your rss feed, to get his updates.

THIRD, just in case you might still be on the fence about attending PtP, it isn’t too late. Andy Brewer wrote an excellent article yesterday that shows some reasons you need to attend. All I can add is this: if you’ve never gone, try it (even if it is just for the weekend), and you’ll want to come back!

QUESTION: What are some ways you are planning on getting the news out about Polishing the Pulpit? Share how folks can follow you in the comments! (Yes, it’s shameless promotion time!!!)


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