Things I Noticed from a Visiting Youth Group

We have been blessed for the last few days to have a youth group from Arnold, Missouri visiting with us at our congregation in Paducah. There are twenty-four of them including chaperones, and they came our way to knock on doors in our community, invite people to our Vacation Bible School, help with that Bible School, and do other service projects in our community.

It has been extremely HOT for the last few days, but they worked tirelessly at the jobs they were assigned.

Jim and I were blessed to have one of the chaperones and one of the teens in our home for those few days, and to spend some time with all of the group as they met for morning devotionals and gatherings before they went to work.

I want to share with you some of the things I noticed about these young people and those adults who came with them to chaperone.

  • There was no complaining!  Did you read what I wrote about it being HOT? Let me say it again – it was HOT, but I never heard one word of complaint from any of those teens or adults.
  • They were ALL appropriately dressed, and no one complained about having to wear clothing that represented Christ as they went from house to house. No shorts or skirts were too short. No shirts were too low. No T-shirts had questionable pictures or words on them (the boys all worn shirts with collars).
  • They were respectful to all who were around them. They talked to those of us who are older, as well as to those who were younger than they are. Statements like “please” and “thank you” were heard often.
  • They followed the rules and didn’t seem offended that they had to obey them. You see, they had been told the rules before they ever came on the trip, and rather than complain about how unfair they are, they respected their leaders and obeyed those rules.
  • They weren’t late.  8:30 is early in the morning for teenagers, but that was their assigned time to arrive at the building for a devo before going out to knock doors. They were there, appropriately dressed, with smiles on their faces and ready to take on the task. No one stayed in bed because they were tired.
  • It was obvious to me that they have been taught by their parents and church leaders to have respect for their parents and elders who made this trip possible for them. I learned that they have to meet certain requirements to be able to go on this trip. They either meet them or they don’t go. Wow!
  • I was told that as they rode their bus to the different areas of town, they sang devo songs. They weren’t on their phones. They didn’t have earphones in their ears. They weren’t talking about one another. They were singing praises to God. What better way to prepare to take His word to the lost?
  • They were a blessing to all with whom they came in contact.  Some doors were slammed in their faces. Some words were said that were unkind and unnecessary. Some people represented the devil. These young people represented Christ, their families, and their church well.

Did I write this post to show my gratitude for some special people from Arnold, Missouri? Yes.

Did I write this post to plead with all parents, elders, and congregations to hold their young people to a standard which is becoming to Christ? A thousand times, Yes.

It can be done. I saw it this week.

Thank you, Lord, for bringing these young people our way.

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AUTHOR: Donna Faughn




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