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[Quote] Parents Need to Step Up with Their Sons

Source: Dr. Meg Meeker, Boys Should be Boys: 7 Secrets to Raising Healthy Sons, page 224

[Quote] For All You Busy Parents Who are Struggling

SOURCE: For Better or For Kids by Patrick & Ruth Schwenk. (Page 220)

[Quote] If You Don’t Know Christ… (Francis L. Patton)

SOURCE: Fundamental Christianity (Yale University’s James Sprunt Lectures of 1924), pages 94-95

Episode 69 : My 10 Favorite Books of 2016 [Podcast]

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Books, books, books! We love books! As we get near the end of 2016, Adam takes this week’s podcast to share with you his 10 favorite books that he has read this year. Find the list below if you are interested in ordering any of these volumes for your reading in the coming year.


The List

To see every book I have read (so far) in 2016, click here.

We had two honorable mentions, as we did not include Jim Faughn’s books (for obvious reasons of bias toward them!). But you will want to check out God Give Us Christian Homes and Why Did My Savior Come to Earth? for your own study.

10. God’s Game Plan by Aubrey Johnson

9. Be the Dad She Needs You to Be by Dr. Kevin Leman

8. He Wins, She Wins by Willard Harley

7. The Worst Hard Time by Timothy Egan

6. Faith: Responding to Jesus (2015 Southeast Institute of Biblical Studies lectureship)

5. The Five Dysfunctions of a Team by Patrick Lencioni

4. I Will: Nine Traits of the Outwardly Focused Christian by Thom. S. Rainer

3. The Domino Effect by Tim Lewis

2. How Do You Kill 11 Million People? by Andy Andrews

1. The Sender: A Story about When Right Words Make All the Difference by Kevin Elko and Bill Beausay

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Our 2016 Holiday Gift Guide


In past years, we have released a couple of gift guides that were very random (one year, we even included a toy car-making machine!).

This year’s gift guide is meant to be more focused, as most of the ideas listed below are meant to instill the Word of God in the hearts of your family. A couple of things are for more specific groups of people, but we hope you find everything below to be helpful in learning God’s Word.

[Disclaimer: Any links below that take you to Amazon are affiliate links. All other links are not affiliate links.]

Polishing the Pulpit Flash Drives. In past years, Polishing the Pulpit has had some flash drives with all the audio lessons for attendees. However, after the convention, there are some drives left over, and they keep them available for sale, so long as supplies last. They are $100 each, but each contains over 400 lessons! To learn more, call PtP at 877-338-3397, or visit this page.

God, Give Us Christian Homes [Book by Jim Faughn]. Every family needs encouragement. Jim Faughn wrote this 13-chapter book to help families, or to be used in a Bible class. It would make a great gift for a family, or just a “gift to yourself,” for your family to study together. Currently, it is $11.95 on Amazon and can be found here.

Shaping Hearts for God “Class in a Box.” We use Shaping Hearts for God as our curriculum at 9th Avenue from 4s-5s through 4th grade. However, their “Class in a Box” is designed for 2s and 3s and can easily be used in a family devotional setting. There are two “classes,” and each is $39.99. Talk about a great gift for a young family that you see trying to teach their kids about God! Find out more and make your order here.

Shaping Hearts of God Bible Timeline. Okay, so this would take some space in a house, but if you know a family who homeschools, or who has a room where they hold family devotionals, this would be an awesome gift. It is a LONG timeline that shows the history of the Biblical narrative in a wonderful way. (Personally, this is my favorite thing that Shaping Hearts for God puts out.) The timeline is $29.99 and can be ordered here.

A gift for your elders: Rest in Green Pastures. Why not get your elders a small token of your affection? This book is written by elders, for elders. It is a quick read but provides so much encouragement. On Amazon, it is currently $12.00, and can be found here.

Advanced Reader: Amazing Skin Designed by God. Our kids love the “Advanced Reader” books from Apologetics Press, and this one is fresh off the presses. These books are for smaller kids, but even up through “tween-age” will probably find them interesting. This book is only $2.00 and can be ordered through Apologetics Press here.

Advanced Reader Series. If you want to dive into the whole Advanced Reader series from AP, you can order all 8 books in the series for the price of seven. For $14.00, that’s a great investment (and can be a wonderful stocking stuffer). Order them all here.

Pryor Convictions, The Book of Genesis. We are currently using this book in our family Bible time and we love it! Each of the 13 lessons is designed to be taught over the course of a few days, and includes a reading guide, review questions, crafts, games, activities, and more. The books produced by Pryor are intended for home use, so you will find them very useful. A great gift for a family. The Genesis book is $14.95, and you can find out more here.

CD: “One Voice: Praise & Worship.” Even though we are living in the age of Bluetooth, our family still listens to a lot of CDs when we travel. This is one of our favorites. It contains wonderful old hymns of praise sung by an amazing male quartet. This would make a great gift for a gift exchange or a quick, last-minute gift at a party. It is $15.00 here.

Hymns of the Heart. Okay, if you don’t mind, I’m going to include my own book here! This book walks readers through 35 of the Psalms and is meant to help the reader learn more about the wonderful God we serve. As of this writing, it is $11.41 on Amazon, but they regularly mark it down from that. You can find it here.

One Word Study Guide. These devotional books walk readers through one Biblical word (e.g., “grace,” “God,” “justification”) each week. Written by ministers of the churches of Christ, the goal is to share five short devotionals about each of the words, one for each week of the year in 2017. Many churches (including 9th Avenue) are going to give these out, but if your congregation is not, it would make a wonderful gift for someone. And, even more amazing, the book–which is tremendously designed and put together–is only $3.00. Order several copies here.

Well, there you go! We hope you find some of these resources to be great gifts…or you just decide to get some for your own family!

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AUTHOR: Adam Faughn

[Quote] Frank Dunn on What Life is All About


SOURCE: Know Your Bible by Frank J. Dunn, page vi.

[Quote] Zig Ziglar on the Difference between Rich People and Poor People


Want to start building a good library? Visit our store from A Legacy of Faith to find several volumes that we have written or to which we have contributed.

Episode 62: Building a Future Library for Our Children (with Brad McNutt)

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Reading is an essential part of life, and we want to challenge our children in reading. On this week’s podcast, Adam is joined by Brad McNutt, who is doing something interesting for his very young son. He is building a “future library” of books he wants his son to have when he is an adult.

On the program, Brad talks about what gave him the idea, and also gives some recommendations if you would like to start such a library for your child. (The recommendations are listed below.)


Brad’s Book Recommendations

Gods at War: Defeating the Idols that Battle for Your Heart by Kyle Idelman

Simplify: Ten Practices to Unclutter Your Soul by Bill Hybels

Boundaries: When to Say Yes, How to Say No, to Take Control of Your Life by Henry Cloud and John Townsend

Can Man Live without God? by Ravi Zacharias

Other Resources

The Book Club” [Brad’s podcast on The Light Network]

Al Mohler: Study Tour” [Video]

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Episode 54: “Small Changes, Big Results” with Scotty Studer [Podcast]

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studer book cover

Every person and every family would like to be better in various areas of life. Oftentimes, though, we see changes as massive and overwhelming. In his new ebook, Small Changes, Big Results, Scotty Studer shares 26 ways we can see great results in different areas of our lives with just a few simple but intentional changes. On the podcast this week, he talks about the ebook, and shares a few insights just for our podcast listeners.


Get the eBook for Your Kindle

Small Changes, Big Results [Amazon Kindle store]

Other Resources/Links Mentioned in the Program

Screen Free Weekend” [previous podcast with Scotty]

Scotty Studer’s website

“Power for Today” [devotional magazine]

5 Minutes with God [Amazon]

5 Minutes with God, volume 2 [Amazon]

Meditations of My Heart [Sain Publications]

And Now, A Word from…Us

Screen Shot 2016-05-11 at 9.27.40 AM

It has been quite some time since we took a day and just gave you some news from A Legacy of Faith. In the past several months, we have seen tremendous growth, especially in our number of email subscribers. Thank you!

Since we have so many new readers, we wanted to take just one day and let you know about a couple of places on our website you may not have visited yet, where you can get more from us.

A Store (with Free Stuff)

Yes, we have a store. No, it isn’t a big money-maker. In fact, there are many things in our store that are totally free!

In our store, you will find a number of free printables, mostly designed for families. We do not ask for any money or information. You simply click and download the materials, totally free!

There are, too, some books that either we have written or that we have contributed to. Jim Faughn’s book, God Give Us Christian Homes, and Adam Faughn’s Hymns of the Heart can both be found in our store, along with five books that various members of the Legacy of Faith family have written chapters for.

To visit our store, simply click here and see what all you can find.

Speaking Schedules

While none of us are world-famous speakers, each of us at A Legacy of Faith speaks several times each year (away from our normal work).

While these schedules are changing regularly, we try to keep a running list up and current on one page of our website. If you see a place near you where we will be speaking, we’d love to meet you!

To find our speaking schedule, follow this link.


We provide A Legacy of Faith totally free of charge. With blog posts and podcasts, we strive to encourage members of the Lord’s church as best we can.

To do this, though, costs money. We never want A Legacy of Faith to become a major money-making endeavor, but it does cost money. That said, we are grateful for a number of people who have agreed to be supporters of our site. (Those of you who subscribe through email see their names at the bottom of every day’s articles.)

Through the site Patreon, you can support our work monthly. We also have a PayPal account, where you can make a one-time donation to help offset our costs. Every dollar that is given is put back into the hosting fees, podcast, email support costs, and other costs of running our site. We do not “make” anything off the site.

To find out more about how to support us through Patreon or Paypal, follow this link.


As we said at the beginning, we rarely take the time to have a post like this. We hope you didn’t mind this quick commercial break.

Tomorrow, it will be back to our regularly scheduled…posting.